Thursday, July 11, 2013

Traveling gnomes

Last August, I blogged about a brightly-colored quilt top...

...featuring Michael Miller gnome fabric and pinwheel blocks made from small-scale prints of woodland creatures, mushrooms, and even a couple of tiny Heather Ross gnomes.

 Originally, I thought it would be for my own baby, but once I met her, I realized it didn't suit her personality. The top got put away and stayed there for almost a year.

A few weeks ago, I went on a vacation to Texas. While there, I visited a little quilt shop, E-Jay's Fabrics. (If you're ever in Taylor, TX, stop by and support some local business.) I saw some green fabric with large-scale polka dots, and it inspired me to pull my old friend out and get it finished.

While assembling my quilt back, I got out the rest of the gnome panel, and was delighted to remember that the gnome is is not only ready for adventure, but he's ready to go with his baby on his back. I was already planning to make a quilt for some parents-to-be who are also very rambling and adventurous. and a traveling gnome quilt seems just right for them as they go out on exciting outings with their new little son.

Of course, it's great for babes of all sizes.

For those of you keeping track, this one is headed out to a new state that hasn't been yet been graced by a Youth Hostile quilt: Colorado.

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  1. We are so looking forward to receiving this quilt. It couldn't be more perfect. Thank you so very much.