Monday, December 31, 2012

Goals for 2013

I started my quilting journey in January of 2011, and my goal for that year was to create one quilt a month. That resolution worked out pretty well - I made at least 12 quilted projects, so it averaged out to one a month. For 2012, I continued this challenge, and added another element: my goal was to work only with my existing stash and not buy any additional fabric. I didn't do quite as well with my goal this year - I got really overwhelmed with the new baby and really dropped the ball on creating new projects. Also, I just gave up on avoiding fabric shops and bought whatever my heart desired.

This year, I am continuing and adding onto my 2011 and 2012 goals: in 2013, I will create at least one quilted project per month, using mostly stash fabric (and hopefully, these many projects will significantly lessen my stash, since I'm having a problem with storage.) I'm going to allow for my monthly output to include not only quilts, but also throw pillows, garments, and other sewing projects. In addition, each month, I will try something new. "Something new" can be a specific quilting technique, like paper piecing, sewing curves, or using an interesting tool. Or "something new" can be a more general sewing experience - I'd like to take a class, if I could ever get my schedule to work out. I'd like to make some quilted fan art to send to my favorite podcasters. I'd also like to make a quilt to give to a charity quilt drive - I feel like I saw lots of requests in 2012 for quilts for victims of natural disasters, and I'd like to have a few twin-size quilts on hand to send in when I hear of another drive.

I've already got lots of ideas circulating in my head - hopefully, I can see lots of them become reality in 2013. Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hey, baby, you come here often?

 Geez, I haven't blogged for a couple of months. In my defense, I was hugely pregnant...

...and that works as an excuse for a multitude of sins.

I still did a little bit of sewing and crafting during my blogging hiatus. I made full-size quilts in blue and gray for two little boys who were going to be step-brothers. I got this photo of my delicious stack of new fabric...

But I didn't photograph the final product. My camera was out of batteries, and I couldn't find the charger. But it's not my fault, I was pregnant. See, great excuse.

I attempted to tackle the ongoing mess in the kids' playroom. I made an over-the-door Barbie-holding caddy, which is basically like a shoe organizer, with slightly larger pockets. Now we can get 30 fashion dolls up off the floor. Plus, it temporarily satisfied my craving to make something scrappy in rainbow colors. Watch out for that in the coming year, because I guarantee there will be an entire quilt made with rainbow scraps.

Unfortunately, since this photo was taken, the caddy has taken some abuse and held some weight, and the holes I put in for the grommets are starting to rip. So I need to do some repair work. I think I'll fix the holes and then nail it to the wall.

I decorated the nursery, which involved some sewing, painting, gluing, nailing, and stapling...

Then, on November 18, my darling little squalling hellmouth was born.

Normally, I wouldn't put pictures of my babies on the internet, but pics or it didn't happen, right? All babies look the same anyway.

It's taken a little over a month, but I've passed an important post-baby milestone. No, no, I haven't lost any baby weight (like, any). But I did start and finish a sewing project!

I followed this tutorial to make a tiny play tent, then accessorized it with a sleeping bag and pillow.

It's wrapped up and under the tree for my little four-year-old, who still hasn't noticed that her green dog is missing.

It feels like a huge accomplishment to actually get something done. I tried to make a little tree skirt for the mini Christmas tree in the kids' bedroom, but that project never bore fruit.

So, end of the year wrap up. The Barbie organizer, as well as the play tent and sleeping bag, were from stash, but I think you can tell from when I said "delicious stack of new fabric" that I haven't been very virtuous about my no-new-fabric challenge. It was like a diet: I did really well at the beginning of the year, and then just binged more and more as the year went on, always with new excuses. I'm a walking Kathy cartoon, except with quilter's cotton instead of chocolates. Ack, indeed. I'll do better next year - with fabric, with blogging, and hopefully also with my diet. Hey, these 60 pounds aren't going to lose themselves.