Thursday, March 1, 2012

What a sham.

So I did two things wrong. I didn't do a quilt for February, and I bought fabric.

I bought one yard of fabric from Spoonflower - I created a pattern with my "Youth Hostile" logo. I'm getting close to the point where I have too many quilted things in my house, so if I want to keep creating, I'll have to start selling the projects. So I plan to mark my quilts with personalized quilt labels made with the Youth Hostile logo fabric.

Not only do I feel justified about buying a yard of fabric, I feel fine about not putting out a quilt this month. Like I predicted, I wasn't able to do a big quilting project in February after cranking out all those little treat bags. But I was able to get a good start on some pillow shams for my daughter's room. Here's the front of one that I finished today:

Each hourglass block is 4", and there are 64 of those blocks. I'm glad it's just a pillow, because if I had tried to make a big quilt out of all those tiny pieces, I probably would have died. I should be able to finish these off in the next couple of days, then get a start on my quilt for March!

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